Kathleen Nance



Gryphon Unleashed - December 2010

It begins in a Chicago E.R., with a dark hero and a sacrifice. When Khalil and Dayna meet, the results are, literally, explosive.

Of the Custos Magi, Khalil is the only Weaver to arise in over five hundred years of written history. He is able to blend the powers of many casters, and he is their greatest field operative. But has the Council lost its way, too concerned with esoterica and not with rising evil? Six years ago he defeated Constantine, a sorcerer known as Gryphon, who fixated on the source of all magick. That danger has returned.

Dayna has been on the run for seven years. Since one night of death and betrayal, she's changed names and faces, always afraid that once again she will be discovered. She doesn't understand what made Constantine turn against her. She only knows that now the intriguing, enigmatic Khalil is her sole hope for freedom. For she and Khalil alone can defeat the power of GRYPHON UNLEASHED. Read more...

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